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It sunds like your plate of 3/16' steel is one solid piece of this correct? Have you used this design before, and if so how did the heat effect this plate with regards to heat expansion? I would think that with a big plate like that, the heat would cause some weird warpages, but I may be way off base (pun intended),

Here's a good link to check out a steel base (futon) that works really well and is public domain on the spiarl arts website...

It would seem more logical to me to have the steel base, then soft brick, then 2 layers of hardbrick, instead of softbrick sandwhiched between two layers of hardbrick.

There's actually really good documentation of the 1000lb. tank furnace rebuild at Corning on the spiral arts website in the tech section. I know you're building a freestanding pot furnace, but there may be some stuff documented there that will help you out.
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