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Kyle Gribskov
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I'm sold on moly's at this point. One thing I've turned to in building a furnace is to give up on the clean out port. Sounds daft I suppose; but I get so much time out of my free standing pot in a moly furnace that I prefer to chip out any leakage when pot change occurs rather than take the chance that unnoticed spillage or leakage can invade the joints of a furnace built of various parts either dry assembled or cemented. I think those folks who are sticklers for cleanliness and frequently check their clean outs for accumulation of glass can get along fine with any set up. Those who don't check frequently might want to consider a big cup to contain the crucible and avoid a big rebuild. I've gotten 3 years as a rule on my EC cruces and usually get to them before they go away; but when I haven't, the monolithic casting I use in the bottom seems fairly bullet proof. I've had the same one in the furnace for 12 years with no leakage.
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