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Originally Posted by Dave Hilty View Post
This is essentially the way mine is wired. Ben is right. The plug is the power supply to the entire circuit feeding 110v to the Fuji, the relay that breaks power to the elements when the door is opened and the 110 V receptacle. Don't know what you might need that receptacle for but the easy answer on the 220 V. receptacle is it's an easy way to pick up power from the control circuit to be fed to the elements. Off the shelf hardware store dryer plug & wire package is what I used to feed the anealler elements. It's convenient to use a compatible 220 v receptacle mounted in the control box to plug in the elements.
i think i got it. please tell me if i am mistaken:
i orignally thought the 110v receptacle was used to plug in the adapter for the fuji, but the plug/adapter was not being shown in the daigram. i think i realize now this is not the case. we are not sure why the 100v receptacle is being used.

so the entire system is powered by the 220v plug in the bottom left. the fuji is running off just the L1 leg of that 220v, which is only 110v since its just one leg.

since the fuji doesn't draw much, L1 can still be used to power an element, which is "the top one" in the drawing.

L2 powers the bottom element

the 220v receptacle is just a cheap way to close the circuits on the other end..
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