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Dan Vanantwerp
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New recipe based on a 86.5 LEC worked perfectly for both the Cristalica AND Chalcedony glasses. Seems this stuff really wants a relatively low theoretical expansion to match a "96" glass just as Jordan suggested.

I performed the ring test with inside and outside applications. I was surprised enough when I opened the annealer to find everything intact. To pass the ring test with flying colors was hoped for, but really unexpected.

Going to repeat the formula in a larger scale and see if it passes a second analysis. Strangely, this mix seemed to strike a bit more quickly/easily than the previous mixes so I'll see if that remains consistent.

Pete, I'm doing my best to mix in a little food bucket I got at the restaurant supply store. They actually make a strainer that fits right on the top of it. I bought the lid and do some hard shaking, rolling and turning. I have thought of trying to secure it closed and place it in my cement mixer for a while. I've also used the drill mixer method but I don't think it's as thorough as what I've described.
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