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Dan Vanantwerp
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The results repeated with a new batch of Brossphate. Under my conditions, a theoretical expansion of 86.5 is the target. I've started making pieces with layers of Cristalica, Brossphate opal and Chalcedony with nice results. I'm about ready to try some colors, in addition to the white.

Just as Dave described, the glass can be made more opaque with additional reheats. It is worth taking an oxypropane torch to this glass to watch the waves of opacity form. I believe this is how Dave uses the glass and I didn't quite grasp what he was describing until I looked at it this way. With a torch and air gun (heat-cool cycles) the deep opacity can be coaxed out very easily. I was even able to get just a small section of the piece (the lip) to go deep opaque. Poor man's lip wrap
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