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Dan Vanantwerp
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Brossphate Blues

Guess I'll continue my journal on the Brossphate Adventure:

I tried a periwinkle (3 grams cobalt oxide+30 grams red copper oxide/10 lbs batch). OK color (the cobalt sort of took over), but it fell out of favor with the Cristalica. Pete has discussed how copper can cause dramatic changes to viscosity which I certainly noticed. I thought at this small quantity I might get lucky on compatibility. My test cylinders made it out of the annealer but not off the saw. I wasn't crazy about the color so I'll just try the copper alone at 30 grams per 10 lbs and see if I can find a match.

I'm also curious to play with reduction in this glass and will see if I can push around the blue-green to red transition with black tin.
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