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Henry Summa initially used something much like that in the early days when he was in New York. Cheap, fairly effective, takes up no space. Our little 7 inch crucibles don't cost much and if you prefer, Assay pots cost even less. My first pot furnace was built in a 55 gallon drum sawed off with a kast-o-lite 30 lid. Really low tech.

As to the mixer, the proof is in the pudding. It melts or it doesn't or something in between but the glass is talking to you. If you consider the cost of color rods compared to the cost of DYI , you'll be floored. Further, you'll make glass that doesn't look like everyone else's. The copper blue I'm using right now is absolutely electric and incredibly simple.

Read the stuff I wrote in Glassnotes IV on batching. It's a simply guide to doing it.
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