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Iron Sulphide glasses?

Haven't posted in a while on this batching and color forum but still glad it's here..
So lately I've been pulling quite a bit of cane with Gaffer's "Durissimo Black", pulling again in murrini and then using that in my pieces. It's a steep learning curve to using the stuff, it's SO stiff, it barely feels like glass. I've got a pretty good handle on it now though. It's taken me a while but with some adaptations in process the pulls are now finally feeling almost (almost) like cane pulls with normal duro color in the core.

I'm going to be asking John a lot of questions at the class at Penland next month, but just curious if anyone here knows some more about the chemistry. I've heard that this stuff is an Iron Sulphide glass (or Iron sulfate?). I'm not sure if that's correct or not, but I do detect a sulphur-ish smell coming off of the chunks of the bar when I'm working with it. More specifically, it's not just that it smells when it's hot, but more so when I quench parts of it after heating. Even the water in which it's quenched smells afterward. Curious about what's happening here..
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