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dicalcium phosphate

I am cleaning out my batch room and came across some chemicals I procured from the old Southwestern Glass plant. One of them was dicalcium phosphate. I'm not sure of the chemical formula and searching for it has just confused me. CaHPO4 (calcium hydrogen phosphate)?, Ca2O4P+?. Using the "Potter's Dictionary of Materials and Techniques" they only list "calcium phosphate" in their table of mineral constants as Ca3(PO4)2 which shows up as the same thing for tricalcium phosphate in searching the internet or also Ca5(P3O10)2 pentacalcium bis(triphosphate)?.

Conversion factors the Potter's book shows is .542 CaO and .458 P2O5. Is there a reliable source for conversion factors on the internet? I find all kinds of chemical formulas under these different types of calcium phosphates and am not sure what to rely on. I would like to try some phosphate opals next time I fire up the furnace but I am down for the summer now. How would this "dicalcium phosphate" work for phosphate opal or am I better off making toothpaste out of it?
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