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I think copper is the single most underappreciated way to move expansion I run into constantly. I don't tend to think it even acts in a linear calculable way. John C and I have gone around with each other on how weirdly quirky it actually is.

I have taken my silver opal base and added 25 grams of red copper to it and then used it blowing against a casing with the silver base. It works sometimes. Sometimes, it doesn't. Chuck used to refer to it as emetic and I can only relate to that term when it comes to barfing. I think he meant that it caused a precitious drop in viscosity and I have seen that. Don't discount viscosity mismatch.
Simply put, it does very unpredictable things to glass. When I made color rods, I never was able to make good rod from copper transparents. I did not have any trouble with the copper rubies. The differences were really minimal The worst was a turquise blue opal. Mary Beth absolutely hates the color so we rarely have to lose sleep over it. A career in fast foods might be a path forward.
I would discontinue using SP as a base for phosphates.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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