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So, another new customer who won't pay their shipping bill. Anyone ever heard of her. Philadelphia area. This happens so rarely and really upsets Ms Bliss. We always seem to have trouble with the brand new particularly ignorant ones. This one is somewhat more combative than most.

Essentially, when we ship a pot, a $15.00 dollar deposit on the freight bill gets charged on the website. We don't get the actual Fed Ex freight or UPS actual bill for a number of weeks after that. Then, and it clearly states so on the on line order form that the credit card will be charged again for the actual costs. No add ons, nothing.

So in this case Fed Ex tried to deliver, mid week and the facility was closed. So they had to redeliver which generates extra freight charges every time. The owner claims that the freight bill from Portland to Philly for a palletized crucible was excessive but it was actually quite typical of what it costs to do.

So, we are going to change our policies with new customers which we have not had to do up til now. Normally, we don't charge until after the pot ships. We really do try to provide fair service.

So, any info is appreciated. The real caution is that pots wear out and need replacing eventually.
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