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Brossphate 3.9%

So for the last melt here before shutting off my furnaces I tried a slightly modified Brossphate. I'm really liking the subtle effects and overall look of this glass. I saw just a little bit of the streakiness in the strike that some had warned about but it's much more clean and even than the mixes I had been doing with the SP as a base. I did try to mix the STPP with the lithium first which I think I'd seen as a recommendation. The changes I made to the Brossphate were substituting some of the sodium with potassium, using whiting instead of lime hydrate (don't have that here), and adding some cryolite. One question I had for those who can comment on this, is that the 0.4% addition of cryolite didn't seem to be noticeable, and if that's true maybe I didn't need it in the first place if I'm liking the strike from the phosphate? I mention this because, without any reheat or quick cooling, this glass was pretty damn clear. Really clear, actually, even without any erbium. I haven't mixed my own clears before, so I've had nothing to base it on, but the Short Mountain Silica/other ingredients I'm using must be pretty iron-free. I suppose I'd never have known because I've only ever added colorants to it in the past.

One other question is about my nitrate content. It was a bit seedy the day following the melt, but I had the luxury of giving it that day to 'mellow,' and on the following day when working with it the tiny seeds were still just slightly noticeable on larger gathers. I had 0.5% sodium nitrate in the mix, so would increasing that help fine those seeds any? I don't think Dave had any Antimony in his mix, but curious about that too.

All in all, it's still been really satisfying mixing a glass from scratch and getting to gather it and make things out of it. Still amazed all those powders can turn into something special. The photos don't show it, but in different light I can detect some purple, pink, and gold tones to the glass. Wild stuff..
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