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Originally Posted by Don Geiger View Post
Hey Greg,

Much appreciated!

Allow me to be blunt. I do not care where the wisdom comes from. The bottom line is, it is hard won wisdom and it was shared. For that I thank you.

That it was about proper ventilation and the hazards being avoided is all the more important to me.

Permit me to inflict a rant. I watch You Tube, especially glass work. I watch some young guy (a much younger me) using a box window fan as their only ventilation. I cannot throw stones. I want to. I want to holler back across the years of my mistakes and don't. My younger self was immortal. It cost me two cornea replacements. I count myself lucky that so far that is all.

I learned. My hope is that others are smarter than I was and learn from my errors without having to repeat them.

Suffice it to say what you shared struck a cord. It is appreciated. If anything I ever post strikes a cord for you, please share again.

Thank you.


Yes. Youtube, though, is NOT a good source of info. The level of expertise among this population tends to be rather low and as you see a lot of the practices are questionable at best. A lot of us do run full overhead hoods with sufficient airflow.
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