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to effectively take seeds back into solution reasonably quickly, you need more than the nitrate, you need either arsenic or antimony to flip the valence features. The trouble with squeezing this type of glass is the tendency to go slushy when cooled too long. I think it can effectively be done at 2075 but I'd use great care going below 2000F.

The nitrate does set up two things. Firsst it helps lower the melt temps and the other is the relationship with the multivalent antimony. Iron goes mutivalent as well but imparts colors, lots of them. Blues, greens, yellows...manganese might be another option but I don't see why antimony has to be avoided.

The cryolite really is lowering melts temps and while you may not "see" its effects, they're there making your life easier as long as the furnace is gas.
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