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keep in mind that sulfur is really toxic. The fumes tend to shut your airway down and you choke to death. I would encourage you to start small and see what happens. Too much won't really teach you anything. If you've ever been near a volcano, think brimstone, think sulfur. It won't go away easily either. I can't say what it will do to the pot

Ricks silver veil work was not uncommon in the seventies. Nick Labino was doing a lot of it, Bob Stephan did as well. I liked Paul Manner's veils the best. There were others. It's certainly not hard, not toxic and really, not expensive. Rick has not changed his work in forever. I don't know where he sells but he certainly seems to do well.

Real luster glasses have a lot of lead in them along with silver. Most rod glasses follow that formulation. Plating out silver requires some nitrates which I think supresses the strand tendency in that type glass and accomodates surface reduction.
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