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Neodymium effecting expansion?

So I was able to get a good price on some chemicals that Mr. Dudley Gibberson was interested in getting rid of recently. It was a pleasure getting to see his shop in the woods in NH and what he'd been doing there figuring out glass melting stuff since before almost anyone else in our studio glass movement. One of the things he parted ways with was a bunch of Neodymium. I haven't done any melts with this colorant yet, but I'd like to add some in with a phosphate mix I'll do tomorrow. After reading some of Weyl on this, and wanting a somewhat stronger effect from the Neo, I thought I'd go with a 4% addition. Weyl suspected that the "Alexandrite" glass produced by Moser in Czech. was a 4%, and upon looking at images online of their antique (and maybe still current?) products, I think that's a nice coloration. So question then is, since I don't see it listed on the two spreadhseets I have, will this have any significant effect on expansion, and if so, up or down? Just curious to know if I should plan on compensating in my mix. Thanks
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