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So I did get some noticeable pink tones from this "neo ruby" I tried earlier this week. It was, by weight, a 3% neo and 0.12% selenium.
Definitely a little bit pinker than my previous try last year at a neo-only phosphate. Very nice color. However, this was the first melt out of my last 5 phosphates that had more small white stones than usual (1-2 in almost every gather). Fit was off too for the first time in these last 5 melts, which have been all the same base. I could saw a ring but a couple small cracks did run while sawing but I did get a decent ring, and there was a noticeable gap in the score. I'm guessing it was about 2 points lower than my SP clear? I'm really pretty meticulous with triple-checking my weighing amounts, and melt times, temps, and charge weights and intervals were otherwise the same for this melt vs. the previous four. Same bags of raw materials too. Fairly new pot, only these 5 melt cycles so far. The 3% neo was less than a 4% I did last year which seemed to fit, and I've read that the Lanthanides (sp?) don't effect expansion much. I can't help but think the only difference here is the 25 grams of selenium I put in..? Can Se have effects on preventing other batch constituents from going into solution? Only thing I've read about the melting of Se is that it can go to the bottom before going into solution, but I did seem to have noticeable, albeit subtle, coloration effects from the Se.
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