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Originally Posted by David Russell View Post
I am thinking abut changing out my hi temp 22" this summer, it has been hot for four years. Nuff said.
Crucible life is based on frequency of charges at fixed temperatures dependent on the material melted at what temperature also considering how frequently it is turned on and off. In my world, I change out a pot at 70 cycles and never more than 90. I don't have leaks and always have excellent glass. Turning pots on and off reduces this by up to 35%. That's my world.

Anything different than this approach, based on 40 plus years of observation is dancing with the devil regardless of who your crucible manufacturer is. Some are sworn by, some are sworn at. None of us do well being made into something we really are not. At High Temp, we have tried to keep pots available on the shelf at very fair prices. That was not the norm ten years ago. People had to wait a minimum of four weeks and up to four months to get a replacement pot. We strive to keep inventory.
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