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Discussion determines the length anything sticks around for the most part.

Jon Gilmore went through this last year and his saving grace was that he owned the building. There was no interest in the studio and it went out piecemeal. That seems to be the routine now. When I close mine, I'm probably going to just mothball it for my son if he has interest. Fortunately we don't really need the money at this point. Otherwise, the good tooling sorta kinda sells which essentially wrecks the attractiveness of the place but the focus on studios has gotten very weird as ceramic kilns take over the purported market. There just aren't many larger shops left and the opportunity for marketing glass has gone to hell. For me, I simply have no customers anymore and I'm not willing to be a craft fair bedouine at 70. I have a substantial list of studios that say they're on their last crucible.

Finding someone with the cash to sell to is no easy trick in that few need a fully turnkey studio. I do wish you well but my observation is that it's a dead market. But... if you own the building, that will sell.
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