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So as a voice of the youngish generation I'll chime in. It's just not feasible for the majority of us to even give it a shot because we don't have the capitol or the market. I managed to dodge the student loan debacle fairly unscathed, but the thought of taking on that endeavor is implausible. All the shops from my cohort that I've seen go up have imploded. A lack of business savvy and losses accrued trying to be bros definitely helped, but even good product and some connections couldn't keep them afloat. Combine that with huge egos and assholes, and you are destined for failure. I know of 4 that remain standing; two are only because of trust funds, one is a badass glassblower with the benefit of a well known partner, and the other is not exactly doing things above board. Not to be a downer, but I think somethings gotta change before it get better.
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