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I think Shawn has his finger on the biggest problem- no capital. I'm considering my shop now for closing in about six months for a number of reasons, mainly age. We may or may not since I'm quite interested in casting. As I've said I consider holding it in mothballs for my son but the business is on the farm and we're not selling the farm.
What has occurred to me in the last few days is simply selling it to Eveline to be shipped back to Shanghai. Once shops get pieced out, they lose value really fast. The grinding shop is the jewel.
I think this type of entrepreneurship is tied to a historical time with a medium that was largely untapped for potential. You could start up most anywhere and have reasonable success if you just worked hard. The show structures made that fairly easy when there weren't too many shows. That changed. When I started, there were around 125 people engaged in the country. If it stood up, you could sell it. Now, well.. There's too many glassmakers for the market to support. China has a middle class of 350 Million people and they all want stuff. That's more people than live in the US. Simpson enjoed great success because he went outside the US to sell in Japan.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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