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Glass as a sales piece has always had a boom or bust cycle. It's part of why so many techniques, formulations, what have you tend to vanish in the down portions of the cycle. Grinding equipment enjoyed a hayday which vaporized in the late fifties/early sixties. It has never come back from those remarkable sturdy old Lang machines ( later to become somer and maca, then Somaca, then vanishing) , all powered off of line shafts in the Chicago River. Education may be the only financial salve currently but ultimately, you're just training your competition and there's too many dixie straws in the Aquifer now.

We bought our tooling for fifty bucks a machine no matter what the machine was. I recall lathes and metal mills going for .10 lb in the seventies. Today, a 20 inch saw costs $4K, my crusher 7K, my reciprolaps 3.5K. These days, you can't bootstrap a shop. The very people who specialized in supplying glass shops with tools are also involved in choking it to death. Now you can do small craftfairs until you go broke.
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