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Today at our gallery it's Small Business Saturday, there is a Wine Walk, and in the studio were doing blow your own ornaments. Over the past number of years the requests for experiences has steadily grown. I've done some date nights and others and have now limited it to just a couple days a week where people can blow an ornament. I just don't like it. A few years ago I had an employee who was great with it. All I had to do was help people pick color and keep it moving. Does seem it's what is keeping many studios afloat. We get requests for experiences almost daily. Years ago all the studios in town were doing the wholesale shows with great success and doing some retail. Now I am doing around 25 percent wholesale and 75 percent retail.Half that wholesale with Artful Home. Having an open studio where people can watch any time were open and blowing glass has always helped sales and is very educational as to why things are expensive. I had a couple kids say they wanted to be glassblowers after watching this week. Would be hard to recommend now a days. Go make money and then do some experiences or take some classes and rent time. It's been an awesome career and I have been very fortunate to have my wife running the business end and also having that steady federal job with benefits. Gotta get to work, tis the season! If every month was like December, this would be so much easier.
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