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After using about 3000lbs of the spectrum 96 old nuggets it did one hell of a job on my furnace. Basically a full rebuild from the ground up.

I switched furnaces at this point and started using the new nuggets and had gone though about 4000lbs of the new nuggets with no real problems at all in the new furnace. Normal wear and tear no visible problems like the old nuggets at all. I had 1000lbs of the old nuggets left and did not want to waste them. This was a huge mistake. They did 3 times more damage in 1 month than the whole previous 4000lbs of new nuggets over a year period.

In short, and only based on my limited experience, is that the new nuggets do not do the damage to the furnace the way the old nuggets did. I just ordered anouther 4k of the new ones and will never ever go back to the old ones.

Take anything I say with a grain of salt as it is only from my personal experience.

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