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well, relying on the manufacturers will give you a lot of hearthache since they just won't tll you the truth. It is I suspect the case that many don't actually test at all. The only one who actually tests is Gaffer and they don't give you the expansion, rather they engineer to have it match a 96 ( Spruce Pine is the standard) , except when it doesn't whiich fortunately is infrequent.

If they ever hold GAS at Corning again, I will consider giving a class on how one measures using the different methodologies. Josh Simpson and I did one back around 2006 I think limiting it to dilatometry and ring Testing. Dr Brill liked my dilatometer method. Including the hagy seal would be good but it's not the sort of class that lends itself to large audiences. Reading a Hagy seal means you are right over the polarimeter. I bet John would do that class with me. Corning is about the only way we'll ever get him back up here. We could split all those big bucks.
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