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Originally Posted by Shawn Everette View Post
From what the hoard says, and anecdotal personal experience, the red "Studio 96" is 94, and so is the sheet.

If the Oceanside nuggets are following the flat compatibility trend, then they too should be a 94. D&L says "96 coe" while also saying "tested compatible to strict System 96 standards'. Oceanside itself is rather mum on the subject.

First load of Bomma goes in today, so the point is moot for me now.
I always here the 94.1 number from tests done before the "improved System 96 Studio Nuggets" I am really curious to see if the improved low/no borax formula is still 94.1. My understanding is that Oceanside is producing that one. I am also curious to see if the Oceanside version is the same from an expansion perspective as the "Improved System 96 Studio Nuggets"
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