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Durk Valkema
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You get two stories mixed up here.
GLASMA was set up towards the end of the 70th to solve the environmental problems around the batch rooms of the Swedish manual glass industry.
Klaus had to close down his colour factory in Germany because the small industrial area got enclosed by housing estates and he had no space to expand into filters et all.
He sold the business to Fridrich & Schebler since they had a factory producing colour bars and rods for buttons and lampworking. The technology there was very primitive compared to the high tech set up Klaus had been running.
More than 10 years ago they invested millions in a new production facility complete with the latest in environmental technology.
They mix and melt there range of glasses there on the premises.
Just as a service to primarily the studio's they have GLASMA produce a pelletised batch that should fit most of their colours most of the times.

Klaus never indicated numbers for compatibility just an indication "Harte W" which you could read as an indication for viscosity because it indicates if it's a hard or soft glass. To bad Klaus passed away last year, but I will try to find out more about the origins.
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