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Re: AP

Well, Tom - I'm a fan! I did the bending test when I first set up my annealer, and it resulted in me using my annealer at 915F. I give the glass a 1 hour soak and then ramp 100F/hr down to 50F. So far, so good as they say!

Gotta love that Spruce Pine!


Originally posted by Tom Littleton
From Frank Woolley (data from a Melt at the Studio at Corning in 1997). Softening point 666 degrees centigrade(1231degrees F), Annealing point-492 degrees centigrade (918 degrees F), strain point-455 (851 degrees F), expansion (0-300 degrees) 94.9.

CAVEAT- None of these figures should be taken as gospel, a holy grail, something that everyone is going to get every time they melt. Variations in raw materials, frunaces, melting techniques and other factors will cause differences in the glass. Not to mention Frank told me that the dilatometer measurements were plus or minus one point in accuracy.

Have I put enough qualifiers in here yet?
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