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Lani McGregor
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Re: AP

Originally posted by Durk Valkema
You mention AP, great but at Log 13.4 ?
At Leerdam the batch calc program spitted out Log 2 down to 7 and Log 13.4 as AP
Philips mentions Log 12.4 Pa.s as AP and 13.5 as SP. The area in between is regarded annealing range in their info.
GLASMA through Glafo talks about transformation temperature at Log 13 in Pa.s
So what's the consensus here?
Durk, I'm not sure whether your question is directed at me, Pete or Tom, but the Bullseye annealing points that I provided earlier are at log 13.0. These are measured (not calculated) according to the ASTM test C336.71: "Standard Test Method for Annealing Point and Strain Point of Glass by Fiber Elongation".

We believe that this is Woolley's basis also, but you'd need to ask Tom, or check Frank's book (anyone?) where we think this is published. It's pretty standard in the US.
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