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Lani- I am pretty sure that Therese had the base glasses tested, but agree that they probably used the manufacturer's numbers for the color.

I was at Bendheim at the time and the two main problems were bad quality color and compatability problems. It seemed like some bars had more stones than glass.

Some customers were screaming for guidance on compatability. We had a lot of personal experience and anectodal help but no empirical proof. And so the COE number. I don't think that anyone ever represented it at the time as the end all, but a starting point. We always recomended testing with the actual base glass being used.

We were familiar with Boyce and Dan's book and had been around workshops that Boyce did in the early 80's. This was one source, I was also looking at Scholes. I believe Huchthausen had a lecture on it at Appalachian Craft and I remeber that lecture that Maslach gave. I don't remeber a eureka moment but rather a whole lot of sources saying the same thing.

Did that information travel with the bars? Does anyone who used Kugler in the '70s or '80s remember these ratings?
Yes, Kugler had the words Harte W on the labels but no numbers. They also seemed to be color coded (the labels) but I assumed it had to do with the color of the bar. And the glue was water soluable so it was easy to get the label off!
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