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Originally Posted by Kurt Walrath View Post
I think you have the right idea IMHO. I saw a moly furnace over 10 years ago that had all the elements hanging behind the pot at the back of the furnace.
the crown was higher at the front where the gathering port was and angled
down to the back where the elements hung. the pot was changed thru the
front like a conventional gas furnace.

you can get the chamber size much smaller with this configuration than
the way most are currently built (ie stadlemelters )

steves design seems to be optimized for easiest and lowest cost to build,
not for smallest chamber size / best economy.

eventually someone will build a moly unit that addresses these issues,
chamber size, pot replacement, heat loss through door.

I wish I could afford to experiment with it...

Well I MIGHT have an opportunity to give it a shot in the future. My thinking is to cast cubbies in the liner walls to give the elements clearance to the pot and avoid some of the problems of dropping through a steeply arched crown. It would be a very complex casting though...for both the crown and the walls.
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