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I would not put a channel into the furnace wall. I don't know of a castable I would use to withstand the 2800F that a moly element has on the surface temp. Further, since a moly element changes shape some when it heats up. I think it could break it.

The jelly roll problem that exists in Steve's furnaces comes from having a cold joint at the floor. The floor aea needs to be impermeable so that a full pot dump can be accommodated in that area leading to the cleanout hole. Getting away from the whole notion of lifting off the crown to change the pot is going to be part of what Charlie and I do. Bashing your crown around is just not a good idea if you want any longevity at all.

You might use those off the shelf castings but completely close the joint up with rammable plastics coming up about 6 inches.
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