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Dan Vanantwerp
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Round 3

Pushed the LEC to 88.7 this weekend. The phosphate strike remains the same with a solid white coming up after just 1 or 2 reheats. Very nice color. I also feel like I'm getting better at melting this glass with multiple stirs and a long higher heat to 2180 (8-10 hrs).

The compatibility tests with Cristalica were consistent for 2 cyclinders each; Brossphate inside clear and clear inside Brossphate. The encased Brossphate again made it out of the annealer but still cracks on the saw. Brossphate over clear does not even make it to the saw. Cracks shortly after removal from the annealer.

I'm going to drop the LEC to Jordan's 87.8 LEC number for a 5% phosphate glass...even though mine is at 3.2%. I believe the expansion is being driven by the saturation of tiny PO4 bubbles. A 5% might get to saturation faster, but a 3.2% gets there eventually. Either way, the final result on expansion is the same (I hope).

This brings up some interesting issues with using this glass. See the Gaffer Glass tech notes:

This glass has the potential to change it's LEC based on the work time and reheats. I suppose it is possible to land on an LEC somewhere between a dense and veiled opal (good luck). Working with it alone is a possibility but at some point it begs to be married with your favorite color patterns.

I started wondering if this is happening to some degree with all opal glasses we use. This Brossphate is making me think about glass in different ways. It's been a great experience and I look forward to getting a fit. Not sure it will work for encasing/overlays and I wonder if Jordan or Dave ever got it working in this capacity...
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