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Dan Vanantwerp
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Revised analysis

Last weekend, I made a cylinder with chalcedony on the outside and Brossphate on the inside similar to the Cristalica compatibility tests I ran. I let it sit a few days before running the ring test. Almost did not bother after my previous results. Survived the saw, made rings and had no movement in the vertical crack test. Looks right on.

The Cristalica versions were run a couple hours after being pulled out of the annealer. They were cool and I thought "done". Going to repeat the tests with a longer cool time. I really don't think the Brossphate outside results will change. Both my tests cracked an hour or so out of the annealer. I have a rather long annealer cycle as I was using it to try and coax more colors from the chalcedony glass. I think it's allowing for a good strong annealing. We'll see what happens If I leave it alone for a longer time.

I am posting mainly to let others know about the timing difference. I'm new to ring tests and was really surprised about the possibility that annealed was not "ring-test ready" annealed. Learning...
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