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Dan Vanantwerp
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round 3b

I ran the Brossphate 3.2% @ 88.6 LEC again just to be sure all my compatibility samples were run in the same way. I am testing it versus Cristalica and Pete's silver opal batch (chalcedony). Pete puts Cristalica at 97 LEC and my estimate for the chalcedony is 94.1.

I was afraid that I was complicating issues by testing against 2 glass formulas but now I am glad I did. It allows you to make the expansion variations and find fit where it occurs rather than starting all over again with another test. You are also using the exact same glass and can erase any questions about batch formulation.

The chalcedony is matched to this glass...inside and outside. Brossphate over Cristalica still fails before it gets to the saw while Cristalica over Brossphate fails after a few inches of radial cutting on the cylinder. I could get a solid ring from the top of an open cylinder. It contracted a bit after checking the ring. Both results suggest that the Brossphate is lower than Cristalica. I'll bump the Brossphate up to 91 (as Jordan originally suggested) and retest. I ran a 90.2 a few weeks ago and did not find fit so kept going down. We'll see what happens.

My worry is that Cristalica-Brossphate-Chalcedony will not fit all together. This combination is really fantastic and I looked forward to contrasting the opal swirls against a variety of Brossphate color backgrounds. I can still do that but without a clear encasing which really finishes off the chalcedony.

My other option is to change the clear. This may be the final nudge I need to do so.
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