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Originally Posted by Dan Vanantwerp View Post
I have to say that I tried a few different ways. I gathered a little clear then a little brossphate side by side. One time I pulled the thread right out of the pot, but also tried it after cooling and heating a couple times. The threads were never reheated just the side by side gobs on a punty. No matter what they just stayed straight as a string.

Ring test is much more telling.
You are right that the ring test is much more accurate.
When it comes to the thread test I think you need to start at the same temperature and amounts. In you case I would gather some of the opal on a punty, strike it, marver it out into a finger shape. Then gather the same amount on another punty shape it the same, stick the two together and heat them a couple of times to make sure they are the same temp before pulling them. It sounds like you base glass and the opal are not necessarily similar formulas so this may not tell you all that much.
If the two glasses are simular this will give you a good start
I have a very dense black that I make that is quite soft and if I make a thread test that is straight I know that it is incompatible.
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