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In terms of flash, yes.
When I consider things I have read at other sites, I see a lot of speculation on things like expansion where no basis for the speculation exists. Or, solutions based on something bizarre. I always like to remember Heidi Broderbund's 15% rule on compatibility ( don't use more than 15 percent of a known bad glass in your work and you'll be fine), or "You can put the purple over the blue but not the blue over the purple".

I don't put up with that kind of junk theory here and given the teaching these days, you aren't going to get the real deal from your instructor. Now that Henry's book is out of print, there really is no bible one can go to, so flat earth theories abound. I see it on clear cullet all the time. Relying on the manufacturer is simply not a good idea, the distributor either.
If you don't have copies of Glassnotes 3 and 4, buy them wherever you can find them. Those will become scarce books. Actually, they already are.
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