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you can't jump start it. It needs a constant source of power. We did attach a crackerbox to an element in portland and it was starting to get hot. Because the clamp connection was poor, we broke the element end, which was old. The connection is pretty important to have done well.
The elements can be run directly from the power panel but you need a lot of amperage to do it. In most instances, it will take a dedicated panel if you want to avoid the transformer. There is no real savings though because the larger SCR more than makes up for the cost of the transformer not being needed.- No free lunch strikes again. Further, the elements are 24 inch to run right from the wall and that costs more to boot. Even though I have the spare power, I am going with a 50KVA Transformer.. I think that between the SCR, the contactor, the elements and the tranformer that the power set up should run about $3600 dollars. Not cheap but the only thing that gets replaced are the elements.
Again, I am doing it not to save money- I won't. I will however have a silent unit, no open flame, and no combustion gasses in a small building.
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