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I dunno. I think once it's shot up to 800, whatever has cracked has cracked. And now it's at 800, take it back up to 'soak' temp (maybe not so fast) and then give it extra soak (double or maybe triple time) then run the ramp-down annealing shedule as usual.

Once you're hot, you're hot. Once you are at the soak temp, a long soak should relieve the strain induced by the fast temp increase. Once strain is removed, regular annealing should be all that's necessary.

Your paperweight broke because it's probably the thickest piece in the bunch.

Pete often observes that thick things like paperweights are often never properly annealed in a 'normal' annealing schedule.

(I figger if they bounce when cold from 4ft off a concrete floor they are good enough for my purposes). :-D
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