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No, Ed would get mad at me for quoting Frank Wooley on annealing.

I tend to think that work can be brought up fairly quickly from Room temp to the upper annealing range. The reason I caution going very slowly is when the issue is of a shutdown in a crucible full of glass. At that point you are dealing with two very different animals.

In the glass, the critical issue is simply heating uniformly- harder to do with weights, particularly if they have other inherent strains built into them, like colorful inclusions. If I was bringing a weight back up that had already been in a crash, I would be inclined to take five hours getting to 700F and then scoot up to the upper annealing range ( remember it's a range) and holding there for two hours before beginning a downward ramp. The easiest way to check whether this is sufficient would be a witness weight, always made in clear. It will tell you the story.

The lower you attempt to anneal in the range, the longer it will take to anneal.
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