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My electrician friends tell me that it's not necessary on copper-copper connections but probably won't hurt anything. It's call NoAlOx because it's supposed to specifically prevent oxidation on aluminum connections, especially aluminum-copper connection.

So if you get your [u]copper[u]cable ends crimped on (recommended) by a welding supply house, you may ask them to use NoAlOx on the crimp but don't be surprised or alarmed if they decline or say that it's not necessary.

I do strongly endorse getting the ends crimped on if you can find a supplier with the right equipment to do that. It's absolutely the best connection method for the current load you're dealing with. Mine are about 17 years old. and still looking good.

Also, as has been mentioned, it's a great idea to have a spare cable made up and on-hand. It may be hard to get to the front of the line when the need arises.
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