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my studio fire

I had a studio in a very old industrial building back in the late 80s, and we put the furnaces in little rooms that were lined with transite (yes, the asbestos board) It all went pretty well until a friend of mine who wanted to learn to blow glass came in to practice at the end of my shift. it went as predicted with him dropping a piece off the punty. No biggie, it fell behind the scrap barrel so he picked it up and tossed it in. I shut things down and went home only to get a call a few hours later that the place was on fire. The fire department came up with their own explanation, but it became clear to me that the wood inside that wall, which there was covered with steel, had been rotting for decades. All that soft punky wood was leaking out the bottom of the wall where the steel was rusted through. When my friend picked up his dropped piece, neither of us thought to see if it had caught anything on fire. going home immediately sealed the deal. He probably feels guilty to this day, though I never told him that was probably what started the fire. It was my responsibility to check, and I didn't. He wound up helping me build my next studio, and we both enjoyed lots of time making stuff in there, just a little more safely
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