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i use kanthal a1 14 gauge wires, three 5 ohm elements in series. it pulls about 16 amps at 240v. i melt 4c cullet and never go higher than 2150F. my crucible kiln is shut down totally cold during the work week. i charge it cold, and start heating up on friday and start ramping down sunday afternoon. i estimate about 50 hours of hot time per weekend. this set of elements is at 1300 hot hours right not, with no end in sight. i use an electromechanical relay controlled by my rampmaster ii controller. this was standard equipment from evenheat, the manufacturer of the kiln.

as for problems, i used to use a 40 pound flat bottom crucible, and i had 2 of them crack. the last time it was a very bad spill. i redesigned the kiln now and i use a 30 pound round bottom crucible. it has thicker walls and just works better all around. there are no signs of cracks, so right now, i have no problems

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