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Originally posted by kurt walrath

I think I have come up with a new design for a wire melter that
will utilize hot swapable heavy gauge elements that will make
maintaining a wire furnace a simple thing and allow you to get
as many Kilowatts in there as you need to melt quickly.

Basically it would be an wound element that slips over a hollow
quartz or mullite tube, one of the leads would pass down the
middle of the tube and you would pass these tubes through
holes in your furnace where they would rest in a notch that
would support it in the back. You could briefly fire the element
on the supporting tube to preheat the tube so it doesn't thermal
shock when you slip it in the hot furnace.

In general, I like the idea - no more brick grooving

However, when the suckers get hot they sag in the grooves. What's to keep these vertical ones from just sliding down the support tube?

- Randy
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