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Hiya Kurt,

If you want to order the ones I used to get (started winding my own - cheaper, but much more work), the invoice from Duralite is Part ID "DURA004722"

Each element (I use 6 at a time) cost $31.25

Description says - 11GA-875CMF-FECRAL .520 OD,
10 SIDED 17.5X 11D 240V 45A

If you were to wind them (buy them - it will make me feel good for referring sales to them, and it will save you hours of non-glassmaking work, unless you've wound heavy gauge wire before), they are 63" of coiled length, averaging 346 coils, and the inner diameter is 5/16", outer diameter is 1/2". I had to rebuild my furnace due to operator error, so making the grooves bigger was not a problem.

Gotta run, Cheers Kurt! Brice
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