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David Williams
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I'd be happy to try to help you set up the SSR. It was easy
and I picked mine up surplus. you need a controller that can
talk to them, switched dc output, they are available on ebay
and maybe someone here know if those inexpensive fuji
controllers can be set up like that . I would think so.

On my controller you tell it the percentage of power output,
( I use 80 ) and the switching time, I think mine goes every
second, 8 tenths on, 2 off. [/b][/quote]

Yeah you can do that with the fuji pxr3 which is about 125.$. It has percentage-wise output signal control which I would say every smart wire furnace user should utilize. That or the scr. The current limit on the scr does approximately the same thing but for alot more money. Its thumbs gas pedal analogy. Your elements will last alot longer if you just cruise nice and steady rather than flooring it and letting off, flooring it and letting off.... (the scr has other features like soft start which are good) I have my current limit set to the bare minimum I need for reasonable recovery when charging.
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