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Hmmm. Digesting all this info... yummy!

Summarizing only the SP Batch melting info posted here:

Kanthal 11Ga.
100lb freestanding
Melt cycle for SP87 is - 2115 work temp. Throw in batch at work temp. After full & flat, soak at work temp for 6 hours, up to 2170 for 2 hours, up to 2265 for 4 hours, down to 1700 for 5 minutes, up to work temp.

Brice - only 5 minutes squeeze? How's the glass for seeds?

Kanthal 15Ga.
100lb freestanding
I use SPB and charge like brice at my working temp of 2100 filling up the pot to the rim each time and adding more as soon as it is flat till full. I step to 2070 now and hold for 5 hours then step to 1900 to squeeze. with my level of insulation it takes 3 hours or so to get to 1900. then it sits there until an hour or so before I 'm ready to blow and I send it up to 2100.

Kurt - did you mean 2270 for the cook?

Kanthal 14Ga.
40lb freestanding (flat-bottom cylinder)
SPB, charge at 2060 (working temp), filling pot to rim BUT the goal is flat 1" to 1.5" below lip. Step up to 2250 for 17 hours, squeeze at 1850 for 12 hours. Blowing at 2060.

YIKES! Looks like I'm spending way too long at 2250, which probably isn't that good for the elements.

Brice, you also mentioned the elements do fatigue before failure. Any info on how long after you notice fatigue before failure?

I'm still "dialing in" this furnace of mine. The long cook times aren't doing me any favors. The elements started to show signs of fatigue on the last charge - I had to bump up the "set point" by 10 degrees to get the same furnace temp.

I could re-wire with 11Ga elements without too much problem. My grooves were cut with at dovetail router bit. The opening is 3/8" but the inner groove is about 5/8". Sounds like the 11Ga. could fit - maybe with a bit of brick filing (make the opening 1/2").

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