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Dan Vanantwerp
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It's pretty fascinating to hear about things like that. Good thing they are not in the food industry.

Maybe there is a future for expansion in the batch industry for someone who wants to work with the smaller glass shops. Meticulous detail and some follow up quality control sounds like a much better business model than trying to make cullet. Especially if you target the electric furnace owner and come up with something more element friendly.

I'd like to support those directly responsible for these glasses if Dave (and/or you) are interested. I'm guessing, though, that when you put the effort into making a batch you want to get the direct benefits of your hard work.

It hasn't gone unnoticed by me that you are very particular in determining the amount of screening that an ingredient needs before use. Those little "devil in the detail" things just don't show up in a recipe and can mean all the difference in success or failure. I'm also aware that going to a batch company may be hit or miss in terms of those details.

Ah the adventure begins...
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