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Justin Thompson
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Smile 11" crucible


I am thoroughly pleased and pleasantly surprised at how much workable glass I can pull from Hi-Temp's 11" crucible; however, I must being doing something wrong (I usually am).

In the last 6 months, I have gone through 2 pots and am currently running a cracked one that has a creatively monstrous Gerri-rig applied to it (you don't wanna know the details, but some hi-temp cement and a kiln shelf is involved)

At $160 a pot, it isn't the end of the world to replace one, but it adds up and money is hard to come by these days. (I just moved my studio and moving never costs what you expect it to).

Anyway.....I think that I have been OVERLY careful when ramping down and candling up the pot.....but; like I said, I seem to be going through pots unusually quick.

Do you have a ramping cycle (or stress range) for the Hi-Temp pots? I am pretty new at owning a studio; however, I have worked in plenty of other people's studios as the person in charge of costing them money. Lol, you really don't get a feel for how much things cost until the bills have your name on it. (Never before now did I realize the value of sorting through crack-offs and lip trims to recycle) =D

Anyway....anything would be helpful.....I shouldn't be going through a pot every 3-4 months, should I?
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