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cullet shortage

It seems here in this discussion that the only alternatives to cullet are to make your own batch or buy spruce pine. I have been melting glasma 705 batch since about 2006 that I buy from Bill Glasner. My melt temp is 2175f and I have really nice glass with no cords. Much better than any other glass I have used, optically, in my opinion. Although it is more expensive, (88 cent per lb.) I feel that I am saving a lot of money over spruce pine batch due to the lower energy cost and greatly increased furnace/crucible life. It is a perfect fit with spruce pine 87 and spectrum 2.0. It also cuts and polishes beautifully. I am using a Hugh Jenkins recuperated burner system in a really old pre-hub style furnace that John Chiles and I built in 1993 with an ifb liner.
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